.... Humans are simply inheritors of earth, and we are here to live in peace with everything and take care of it

Awareness implies sensitivity: to be sensitive to nature, to the hills, rivers and the trees around one ...

to be aware of that poor man walking down the road; to be sensitive to his feelings, his reactions, to his appalling and degrading poverty; to be sensitive to the man who is sitting next to you, or to the nervousness of your friend or sister. This sensitivity has in it no choice; it is not critical. There is no judgemental evaluation.

Your are sensitive to the cloud about which you can do nothing.

Is this sensitivity the result of time and practice?

If you allow thought and practice, then that very thought and practice kill sensitivity.

Learn to observe sensitively; learn what sensitivity implies; capture it rather than cultivate it.

Don't ask how to capture it: grasp it. In the very perception you are sensitive.

There is no resistance in sensitivity.

Sensitivity is to the immediate and limitless.

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