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Visionary and free energy creator Fernando Vossa discusses the HAIAH (Healing Art Installation as Home) Project to create a free energy and healing home for transition to 4D.
Fernando Vossa’s discussion took place in conversation with Alfred Lambremont Webre on ExopoliticsTV.
A Sustainable Home as Preventive Medicine for Your Body
A team of bio architects to design a home that can transform its occupants through ancient technology
San Diego, CA – A Baja California team of researchers in advanced energy technologies and alternative healing are collaborating to design and build a HAIAH (Healing Art Installation As Home). Technology considerations include the integration of earth batteries as electric power sources that are more natural and are built right into the walls. The HAIAH concept also maximizes water recycling to support medicinal herb and organic food gardens as standard home appliances. What sets the HAIAH project apart are a unique series of wellness technologies intended to reduce stress so that our bodies are nurtured and balanced while living in this innovative home. The implications of a HAIAH model home would include new product offerings for the real estate market and a new generation of spin-off solutions for sustainable living that can be added to existing homes.

“The goal of our HAIAH team is to build a home that offers true independence from the existing energy grid, mass processed foods and the addiction to a cyber-lifestyle.” Project Founder Fernando Vossa explains that he was motivated by his findings after four years of research where he visited several ancient sites around the world and participated with independent researchers that have already configured prototypes of energy generation and wellness technologies. Vossa himself has developed a technology he calls Sonic Reiki that utilizes magnetic, crystal, light, and sound modalities as a portable device for assisting with issues such as stress, inflammation, weak immune system and also serves to counteract the debilitating effects of traditional cancer treatments.
“A home should sustain, heal and inspire the entire family” is what Vossa adds, while sharing that HAIAH homes could help us improve ourselves with lessons from our ancestors in the use of natural stone, crystals, water and specific geometric forms in the kitchen, bathroom and living areas. These new appliances can include vertical gardens that also use different color frequencies and magnetic fields to grow more nutritious food throughout the year. One could take a bath and incorporate the use of color and sound for a more harmonious experience. A HAIAH home would be like living in a natural spa that also is a work of technological art.
The HAIAH project is now open through a public campaign so that individuals, organizations, and businesses can participate as collaborators, founding members and even have a custom HAIAH home for themselves. Construction blueprints and training videos will be available to project participants.
Please address all Inquiries and interest in participation through the HAIAH home Project site to:
Contact: Fernando Vossa,
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