Webcast providing a forum for the sasquatch people to address us directly by way of trance mediums and sensitives.

SPEAKING OF SASQUATCH offers a counterpoint to the popular media's frequently sensational and inaccurate portrayals of sasquatch.

For more than 20 years, principal contributor Kathleen Odom ( has been an interspecies communicator and shamanic practitioner whose spirit medicine practice is currently based in southern Oregon.

Host Christopher Munch is an award-winning writer-director whose "Letters From the Big Man" ( was a New York Times Critics' Pick. Guest contributors include educator-author Thom Powell ( and artist-intuitive Andrew Robson (

Listen and listen NOW ! ! !

Keewaunee Lapseritis has been encountering the Big Foot for 35 years. These highly intelligent,telepathic trans-dimensional beings have been contacting him in one way or another over 1000 times ... as well as a few others.

Seeded on earth by "ETs", they are telling us a message. Humanity, whom they saw arrive after, one of the great ice ages, is headed for extinction unless we listen, and listen NOW. 
John Urwin's data exactly.

The DJINN who want us off their planet earth, and the Proto-Human Sasquatch are telling us loud and clear. Deal with our predatory 5th race or terminate.


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