LADA RAY : EarthShift TV Video 3: Russia’s Moves: GMO Ban & Russia-China Holy Grail Deal



My name is Lada Ray. I am a linguist, financial consultant, Feng Shui Master, shaman, futurist and author of several books. I’ve been making successful and accurate predictions about politics, economy and investments since the early 2000s, and  it’s time to share them with my fellow citizens of planet Earth.


Russian President Vladimir #Putin announced that Russia will criminalize #Monsanto and any other bio-tech companies who attempt to plant, or lie/conceal that they have planted #GMO seeds on Russian territory. Lying, or concealing GMO-related activity, as well as mislabelling GMO products, will bear jail sentence and will be equated to terrorism.

Meanwhile, Russia and China sign a mega deal to supply Russian gas and discuss building the ambitious high-speed railroad connecting Eurasia and America. How does all this effect the future of China, Russia, as well as the US and EU? And more.

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